Why The Last Pick?

Great question. I bought the domain name in college to teach myself web design and liked it so much that I adopted it as my design alias. I’m also a sucker for a good vanity URL and any type of underdog.

My name is Tim McCarthy and I'm a designer that can do a little of everything but I specialize in Art Direction, Digital Design and Branding. I love vintage neon signs, Nike Air Max sneakers and the Hartford Whalers logo.

I’m currently the Creative Director at SeatGeek where my role is managing the creative marketing team. Our goal is to make SeatGeek the fan favorite ticketing brand.

Previously, I was an Interactive Art Director at Apple. Unfortunately, that's all I can say about that.

Prior to Apple, I was an Art Director at Bonobos, an online men's clothing company in New York City, where I was the design lead on all online marketing creative and oversaw all creative for the golf line.

On the side, I run a blog called HeySport, which follows all things design in the world of sports. What started as a New Year's resolution has now become a full-time hobby.