Why The Last Pick?

Great question. I bought the domain name in college to teach myself web design and liked it so much that I adopted it as my design alias. I’m also a sucker for a good vanity URL and any type of underdog.

My name is Tim McCarthy and I'm a designer that can do a little of everything but I specialize in Art Direction, Digital Design and Branding. I love vintage neon signs, Nike Air Max sneakers and the Hartford Whalers logo.

I’m currently the Creative Director at SeatGeek.

Previously, I was an Interactive Art Director at Apple. Unfortunately, that's all I can say about that.

Prior to Apple, I was an Art Director at Bonobos, an online men's clothing company in New York City, where I was the design lead on all online marketing creative and oversaw all creative for the golf line.

On the side, I run a blog called HeySport, which follows all things design in the world of sports. What started as a New Year's resolution has now become a full-time hobby.

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