Maide Golf

In 2012, I was tasked with the hardest project I've ever been assigned: Create a golf brand for Bonobos. I'm a fan of sports but never played golf or followed it for that matter. I was asked to take a stab at it because I was unbiased to the sport. Instantly, I was enamored by golf legend Arnold Palmer and therefore designed a brand that would be desirable for all the young Arnies out there. From the launch of the brand in 2013 to 2015, I was the creative lead for Maide, which in Gaelic means stick or club. This included art direction for photo shoots, designing marketing assets and furthering brand development.

Role: Art Direction & Design

Photography: Weston Wells



Maide Golf NYC

Maide Golf was founded in New York City so for the Fall '13 line we decided that there was no better place to capture the essence of the brand than to shoot in our own backyard, the concrete fairways of NYC. My direction for the shoot was inspired by seeing the lengths that city golfers go through to play they game they love so much. The final product was a 32 page newspaper mailed to prospecting customers.



Maide Spring Breakers

For the 2014 Spring/Summer line, Maide traveled down to Palm Beach, Florida to photograph the day-in-the-life of John Webster, Head Pro of The Breakers course. Maide is known for being a golf line that can be worn on and off the course. We were able to show this by shooting “Webbie" in various situations that were common in his daily routine. The behind-the-scenes photos were then turned into a newspaper that shared with potential wholesale accounts.



Maide Casa de Campo

In the beginning of 2015, Maide traveled down to Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic to photograph the Spring/Summer line. The goal of the trip was to capture the fit, assortment and versatility of the clothes while continue to define brand. I was in charge of art direction of the photo shoot as well as the creation of catalog that was produced with the final assets.



Maide We-Ko-Pa

At the end of 2016, Maide traveled down to We-Ko-Pa golf club in Arizona to photograph the Spring/Summer line. I oversaw all art direction of the shoot and used the desert landscape to create compelling golf moments on and off the course.